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As a new astrological cycle begins, why not hold back and let the dust settle before pressing ahead with financial enterprises. It may be that recent personnel changes have resulted in a changed situation, one which may be more to your liking.

Daily Sun Sign Horoscope

Your planets are hitting a vigorous note. This has been a strange period for many Cancerians.

Some of you have come through unscathed but others are now in need of all the love and affection you can get in order to restore your battered morale. Let me temper your confidence and enthusiasm with a long-term consideration: in about three weeks you will enter a period of domestic or family change.

Use your grey matter — and think ahead.

Your Weekly Horoscope

Be positive. It is fortunate that irrational fears will no longer hold you back, but there is no reason why you should allow them to succeed. You have far too much to gain from pressing forward to be put off, now.

Weekly Horoscope: Your week ahead (29 July -03 August 2019)

Happily, continuing positive patterns coming from the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Saturn should deal with your lingering insecurities and give you the nerve to deal with people whose actions have, perhaps unwittingly, undermined your self-confidence. Mars, your tough planetary ruler, is now doing its very best.

Daily Sun Sign Horoscope

For the first time it may be possible to gauge and predict the future progress of your ambitions, at least over the next three weeks. Extravagant commitments are one thing, businesslike discussions another.

You may have been caught up short, perhaps by realising just how much you have taken on. Actually, about a third of the members of your sign has a deep and highly impressive practical streak which most astrologers ignore.

Venus enters Scorpio

So, you should now be on safe ground. Also Read As heavy rain batters Mumbai again, local train, road traffic hit; 24 flights grounded. Try not to take major decisions on the basis of too hopeful a picture of things to come. There is every chance of a major offer, but it could have a surprising twist in its tail.

The one central problem seems to be an uncharacteristic lack of confidence, but it should pass quite quickly. Major material pressures will likewise be temporary. Difficult personal or romantic issues are your bread and butter.

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