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Jupiter usually blesses the areas related with its placement, but for some ascendants like Taurus, Libra or Capricorn, it can be adverse or bring inauspicious effects, because it is the ruler of difficult houses. The position of Jupiter in a birth chart will indicate the ways of spiritual learning, type of faith or religion, teachers and material prosperity. A strong and well-placed Jupiter in a chart is an indicator of optimism, faith, interest in religion of philosophy, sense of righteousness and justice, positive contacts with teachers, wise or religious people, and good prosperity, caused by some good past karmas and spiritual tendencies.

It is very common in the charts of religious people, priests, teachers, philosophers, judges, lawyers, or prosperous people. But in some cases, an excessively strong Jupiter can lead a person to not make any effort to improve his life situation—an excessive optimism that can lead to spiritual stagnation. An afflicted Jupiter can indicate difficulty in getting a spiritual teacher, or sometimes even getting a wrong, dishonest or fake teacher, or a difficult relationship with teachers in general.

Physically it is related to the fat tissues, accumulation of fluids, obesity, liver, pancreas and the sugar and fat metabolism, the hips and the feet. Its nature is Kapha or phlegmatic. VENUS — SHUKRA Venus is also a spiritual teacher, but he is the teacher of the Asuras or demons—beings who were spiritually evolved at some past time, but fell from grace due to strong materialistic or selfish tendencies.

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Venus helps them find their path of return. Venus represents the feminine, the beautiful, refined; attraction, the desires and human passions; the sexual and marital relationships. Venus is also associated with wealth, clothes, jewelry, music, dance, the fine arts, creativity, semen, love, attraction and sexuality. For a man, Venus is a significator for woman or the spouse, whose characteristics and relationship can be assessed from the position of Venus in the birth chart.

A strong and well-located Venus tends to bestow artistic talents and creativity, physical beauty, good sense of esthetics and harmony, prosperity, wealth and divine grace. A well-located Venus has a spiritual potential of transforming the energy of love and sensuality into devotion, cosmic love and a feeling of the divine grace. If there are no other spiritual indications in the chart, a too-strong or dominating Venus can lead to an excessive attachment to sensual pleasure, and the material objects of the world and its physical pleasures An afflicted or debilitated Venus usually brings a difficulty to obtain pleasure or enjoyment in life, which can lead a person to look for exaggerated means of sensual gratification to compensate.

It can also indicate weakness or diseases of the reproductive organs, or sexual disorders. Physically it represents the reproductive organs, urinary tract and semen. Its ayurvedic constitution is Kapha and Vata. He is also a spiritual teacher, but one who teaches through restriction, hard work, purification, service and humility, leading the person to face his weaknesses and more negative tendencies, to recognize and change them. Saturn makes us face and work out the negative karma we created in the past in the form of restrictions and sufferings, which will lead us eventually to recognize our negative patterns and develop responsibility and self-discipline to change them.

Saturn represents longevity, old age, concentration and meditation. The position of Saturn in the chart indicates the areas of struggle and difficulties in life, though in Vedic astrology it is considered a very important planetary energy for spiritual advancement and evolution.

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It can cause mental depression, loneliness, feelings of isolation, addictions and chronic diseases. Saturn moves slowly, an indication that his lessons will have to be learned over a long period of perseverance and hard work. But after that, Saturn can give immense blessings and spiritual strength. He usually tends to postpone or delay things and the areas of life that it affects in the chart.

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A strong and dominant Saturn can be found in the birth charts of hard-workers, servants, politicians, yogis and ascetic people. Its energy can be positively channeled through fasting, selfless service, seclusion and meditation. You make me so happy. No peace is worth losing that. She returns him to his bed with care, drawing her fingertips across the blue markings that line his eyes.

She wants to remember this moment, etch it on the back of her eyelids so that she can carry him with her. Hi Kuri!

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Are you thinking of writing an alternative fic for Samsara? Thank you for being a fabulous writer!! But I gave it my best shot. Hope you enjoy it. Beta Reader: None. Blanket Fic Disclaimer: And link to Samsara. Sort of an aftermath kind of short. I know you guys are eager for Indrachi stuff, but I really want to keep my ideas for that to my novel. So, in the meantime, have Indrachi kiddies. He is talented, and word of this spreads among the amazed acolytes. So, in the meantime, have adorable Indrachi kiddies. He takes his role as a husband seriously, and traditionally.

Even the smallest of transgressions makes Indra react in a drastic way, at least when it comes to his spouse. This is more likely to happen if he really has feelings for you though.

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But after a few weeks, he really gets wrapped up in fatherhood, and he likes to hold his child a lot. It might result from perceiving her as more delicate, and it goes back to the protective instincts that gradually come around when it comes to his loved ones. The house is large and sprawling with wide windows. The lawn is overgrown and the grasses nearly cover the first floor of the building.

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Ivy creeps up the red brick of the building and curls around the spiraling tower. When Kaguya took the fruit of the chakra tree, she stole a considerable chunk of chakra and brought it in to herself, and no one had ever done that before. As she degraded, the tree slowly won. If this is true, it probably ties into the curse of hatred with the Uchiha: as their darkness and power grows hand in hand. Or what Madara expects. Or at least turn up his nose, as if crying was for the weak. More likely to ruffle her hair or touch her cheek to show a little affection in passing.

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It depends on his mood whether he brushes them off or he gives them attention. They should know better than to condemn him for his flaws. Little things like that. He explains this to Naruto and Sasuke about their reincarnation, he actually acknowledges his mistake, that leaving Indra out had only brought conflict. How did Black Zetsu, a creature without any known ninjutsu abilities sufficiently alter the stone tablet? Now in the twilight of years, she has come to understand she is the luckiest of her siblings, having been found by the heir apparent of the Laetian empire and borne away by him to be his empress.

Fujiwara no Niitabe cared little for her children, content to leave her and her five other siblings to nurses and tutors.

Her mother only had time for her sons, too, especially her elder brother Marui, so convinced was she that he would inherit everything from their father. Her nurses were more of her mother, but father was father. The older siblings would be responsible for the little ones, watching out for ill-aimed chopsticks and tipping bowls and cups. Without fail, Father would always ask her and her siblings about their lessons, about themselves, about their day to day. The little ones were especially happy to share stuff they found - rocks, shells, managing their first letter in calligraphy.

As soon as she could think, Father had always taught her - them - that family was above all else, and that if, and when he was gone, they should watch out for their own. Care for their siblings. Aid them, but not to the extent of spoiling them rotten. That was what she missed, above all else, now as a grown woman also close to the twilight of her life.

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She missed those golden days. It never sat well with her. Her father was more qualified. Shouted at him.